You And Me And Beem EP – Part 2

We are closer to the EP being released, but are we closer to finding Beem? If you have not seen the previous video, you can watch Part 1 right here.

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You And Me And Beem EP Announcement!

Coming next week! It’s been long awaited…well, by some, and a welcome surprise for others! We (the members of You and Me and Beem) are proud to share this announcement with you. Check it out in the video below!

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Thanks, y’all! – You and Me and Beem

Public Service and Leadership

Sometimes it is a struggle to consider or see another person’s viewpoint. Especially if we are passionate about our own beliefs concerning how a particular thing should be accomplished or what decision should be made. It is beyond obvious at this point that politics within the United States has caused major polarization among many citizen who more than likely have more in common than otherwise.

Time will tell, but I am interested to see if the leadership of this country will continue to divide its people or begin to unite them. There are pushes toward both routes, yet I remain unconvinced at this point that something truly sustainable in one direction or the other has developed at this point. However, there are some working toward a drastic change in the leadership of the U.S. and the excerpt below is intriguing to consider in this scenario since it was written thousands of years ago. Consider this:

“And will our pupils, when they here this, refuse to take their turn at the toil of the State, when they are allowed to spend the greater part of their time with one another in the heavenly light?

Impossible, he answered; for they are just men, and the commands which we impose upon them are just; there can be no doubt that every one of them will take office as a stern necessity, and not after the fashion of our present rulers of State.

Yes, my friend, I said; and there lies the point. You must contrive for your future rulers another and a better life than that of a ruler, and then you may have a well-ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life. Whereas if they go to the administration of public affairs, poor and hungering after their own private advantage, thinking that hence they are to snatch the chief good, order there can never be; for they will be fighting about office, and the civil and domestic broils which thus arise will be at the ruin of the rulers themselves and of the whole State.”
~ Plato, The Republic

I believe this provides great insight into the current polarization and gives some foundation to what leadership should be about, especially within the political realm. There seems to be a lack of true leadership at some of the highest levels in the country, but I have wondered if this symptom has been caused by deeper shifts in how we now function in our current society or if this is somehow a more isolated occurrence in the last several years. Questionable and self-serving motives appear to be on the rise, however I could be wrong about that.

How about you? What are your thoughts on public service and leadership? Comment below about the quote and/or your thoughts on the matter.

Thank you for listening!

Thank you everyone for listening to my new album! I am so appreciative of all the support from all of you. It has been a busy and crazy month for many of you and I am so appreciative that you would take the time to listen!
Looking forward to sharing more about the creation and re-creation of the album as well as some of the thoughts and experiences that went into writing the songs. I am excited to be sharing more upcoming things over the course of the next few months. It would be great to have you subscribe for my updates and notifications of the new things coming along.

Also, for those that have heard, thank you so much your for thoughts and prayers for my brother who was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. Our family really appreciates it and we are thankful he is now recovering from his injuries.

If you had first choice, what song on Voice In The Night: Whispers And Echoes would you want to know more about?

Music Coming Out This Friday!

Super excited to have new music coming out this Friday!! The album has new tracks and revitalized old tracks much closer to how I wanted them to be the first time around.

I did not think that I would dig so far into this project when I first started it, however, I ended up tearing apart the first album down to most of the original recorded tracks to rebuild the new album almost entirely from scratch.

Definitely looking forward to releasing Voice In The Night: Whispers And Echoes this Friday and hearing what listeners think about it!

Is there something about the upcoming re-release that you are excited for?

What was one of your favorite songs on the original album that you are looking forward to hear on the new remastered album?

I’d certainly love to know which songs your are looking forward to hearing, so please leave a comment below!

The Countdown Is On!

The final couple days of the year remain. The hours are counting down. Nearly everybody is focused on the beginnings of and things to come in 2017!

It’s not too late to commit to a stronger 2017! Order your 24-Day Challenge Bundle to jump start your journey to a healthier you!

I have a few other countdowns that winding down on several projects and I am excited to share them over the next few beginning weeks of 2017. Also, there are several goals for the new year I have set that I will be kicking off; some music, some health, and a couple other fun things!


What are some of your own goals for 2017? What are you looking forward to in the new year as it draws closer?

Leave a comment or contact me. I would love to hear them!

For The Love Of Christmas


A peculiar thing really…

…how we receive and give love…

…or choose not to do so.

As in years past, there has been a lot of division in humanity this year. Divides that are big or small between family, friends, or nations and often difficult to heal. Yet, here we are in the final hours of Advent after a week focused on love and moving us into the celebration of the Christmas season. (Hopefully, all last minute preparations are going smoothly or now complete!)

This past week I wrote down a couple thoughts about Expectantly and why it may partial be a Christmas love song for all of us. My thoughts were spurred on by the closing phrase in a recent email I received:

“Christmas love to you and yours”

Is Christmas love something different? Something deeper, beyond? It started with a child and continued a love beyond divisions, differences, and borders. Here is where Expectantly begins in Advent of the expectant return, yet presses toward the love of Christmas that can “…bind and heal every nation…” and set all things to right.

Contention, opinions, derision, and all manner of things have flared up in the past year on many levels throughout the world. Some of it may be justifiable while some of it may not, but it leaves me with this lingering question:

Are we living into and leading with a Christmas love in all we do through the year?

Perhaps some of my thoughts are too generally or utopian in nature, but I think this is part of the reason the “holidays” are often more light, filled with forgiveness, and festive. There is something in us that longs to see love abide over all; that differences are seen through the lens of appreciation for the diversity of humanity rather than disdain; and that we lookout and care for one another as fellow human beings.

As Christmas Day draws near and our expectations rise, whether good or bad (I know some family gatherings can be a little tense), I hope however you celebrate that the essence of Christmas love may be all around you! Merry Christmas!

Christmas love to you and yours,