Holiday Greetings for Advent

This time of year is usually my favorite as we transition to the days leading up to Christmas. The days are cooler, the “holiday spirit” begins to fill the air, and there is an anticipation of Christmas and what the new year will bring. This last week I spent time reflecting on what I have been most thankful for this year and I also looked forward to today, Sunday, which is the first day of Advent.

First Sunday of Advent - First Candle is Lit
First Sunday of Advent with the first of four candles being lit. The first represents Hope.

One of my thankful reflections was for my friend Kyle and for the two of us writing and producingĀ a series of Advent songs, along with his talented and gracious wife Cynthia. Often, I am very critical of my own work, but I decided I would listen back through these songs during the week and I surprised myself as I listened to them. In my reflection time while listening, I was so grateful for how Kyle and I had crafted these songs and how they created a space to prepare for and walk though the season of Advent.


Most importantly, though, I wanted to share this music with you in the hope that it would increase your expectation and anticipation this Advent season of new and fresh things to come as you prepare for Christmas and the new year!