For The Love Of Christmas


A peculiar thing really…

…how we receive and give love…

…or choose not to do so.

As in years past, there has been a lot of division in humanity this year. Divides that are big or small between family, friends, or nations and often difficult to heal. Yet, here we are in the final hours of Advent after a week focused on love and moving us into the celebration of the Christmas season. (Hopefully, all last minute preparations are going smoothly or now complete!)

This past week I wrote down a couple thoughts about Expectantly and why it may partial be a Christmas love song for all of us. My thoughts were spurred on by the closing phrase in a recent email I received:

“Christmas love to you and yours”

Is Christmas love something different? Something deeper, beyond? It started with a child and continued a love beyond divisions, differences, and borders. Here is where Expectantly begins in Advent of the expectant return, yet presses toward the love of Christmas that can “…bind and heal every nation…” and set all things to right.

Contention, opinions, derision, and all manner of things have flared up in the past year on many levels throughout the world. Some of it may be justifiable while some of it may not, but it leaves me with this lingering question:

Are we living into and leading with a Christmas love in all we do through the year?

Perhaps some of my thoughts are too generally or utopian in nature, but I think this is part of the reason the “holidays” are often more light, filled with forgiveness, and festive. There is something in us that longs to see love abide over all; that differences are seen through the lens of appreciation for the diversity of humanity rather than disdain; and that we lookout and care for one another as fellow human beings.

As Christmas Day draws near and our expectations rise, whether good or bad (I know some family gatherings can be a little tense), I hope however you celebrate that the essence of Christmas love may be all around you! Merry Christmas!

Christmas love to you and yours,