Expectation: Songs for Advent



advent_cover“Expectation: Songs for Advent” is a four track, collaborative EP from Adam Lavazza and Kyle Layne for the season of Advent. Lavazza’s instrumental, vocal, and songwriting skills provide the solid foundation and performance mechanism for his and Layne’s lyrics to build upon.

The season of Advent is not just a holy season for Christians, but also the beginning of the Christian Church year. In the modern world, the bright lights and excitement of Christmas often overshadow the season and the tension of waiting with expectation for the coming of the Christ is lost. In “Expectation: Songs for Advent,” songwriters Lavazza and Layne attempt to recapture the sense of longing and hope that Christians feel as they wait for not only the arrival of the Christ child, but also for the return of the Savior in all His glory.

 “Expectation: Songs for Advent” is their first album together. It is available through the music retailers shown above and many others, as well as directly through the music player.