Voice In The Night: Whispers And Echoes



Voice In The Night: Whispers And Echoes - ArtworkVoice In The Night: Whispers And Echoes is a completely revamped, remixed, and remastered album that has emerged from the original 2014 release. Each of the songs were reconstructed largely from the original tracks. Four additional songs were arranged and recorded specifically for this album re-release, including the new track “Whispers And Echoes.” The album is largely based on singer/songwriter arrangements driven by drums and alt rock guitars set to story-esque lyrics.

The ten original songs were written over the course of several years and crafted to dig into points of the human experience in unique perspectives. Adam was excited with the initial release of Voice In The Night, but there were many aspects to the album at the time that left everything with an unfinished feeling. Ultimately, after spending some time focused on some other projects, this unfinished feeling initiated and drove the process to bring the album to a real point of completion.

Hours upon hours over the course of seven months led to the updated and refreshed Voice In The Night: Whispers And Echoes. The subtitle of the album was added in part due to the writing of the new song “Whispers And Echoes” and encouraged the addition of three other songs recorded specifically with distinct versions for this album. The album is available through the music retailers shown above and many others.