You And Me And Beem

What started as humor and joking between friends has now become an alt-country/country rock group with a comedic twist. You and Me and Beem is the partnership project between solo artists Adam Lavazza, Matt Beem, and Kyle Layne. Check out the EP in the player below!




It started as just a name (You and Me and Beem) and quickly became a collaborative idea that may become its own genre. All three have long appreciated the down home lyrics and graceful music of the country/western world. With a particular love for early to mid 90’s country music, the trio set out to create songs that pay both homage to that bygone era and strike a new path.

With the twang of Matt “Doc” Rundio’s banjo and the comforting hum of Sarah Miller’s fiddle, the album is sure to get your feet stompin’ as you listen. The heart of the album resonates with themes the country music aficionado and music lovers alike will appreciate. From the fun and light-hearted “Silly Country Girl” to the haunting “The Fireman Who Stole Her Heart”, one finds real life themes of love and pain running through the EP. If you like your music to be more than just the same ol’ thing, this is the album for you.

If you missed the previous videos leading up the EP being released, we have added the video links below so you can go back and watch them!


We hope you enjoy the whole album! Download it on CD Baby, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Thanks for listening, y’all!